Why is is not good for a person to drink too much/lots of coffee?

Hi all, I drink a lot of strong coffee, but I have heard that drinking lots of coffee can be bad for you??? Why is this please? I reaslise that theirs caffeine in it but I dont know a lot about what caffeine is and what it can do to a person. thanks for your time, look forward to hearing from you. Shemmy27 xxx

Answer #1

First off, it’s better to be able to operate on the bare essentials. I mean, in an emergency, when are you going to have time or the power to make a cup of coffee? I can jump up in the morning and be ready to go in 10-15 minutes for whatever I need to do that day, no substance but maybe a small breakfast needed.

Also, there are oils in coffee and certain teas that can mess with your digestive tract over time.

It also stains your teeth, bad…

Answer #2

I hate coffee !!! and even hard coffee !!! I hate it god !!!

Answer #3

In moderation its fine. 3 cups a day. Above 3 cups a day you start the scale tipping to the other side of the spectrum. 3 cups a day can be healthy as coffee is high in anti ocidants. After 3 cups you start losing the benfit of the coffee to the amount of caffeine. 3 cups = 450mg of caffeine = 10 cans of pop worth.Coffee in excess have been linked to chronic Heartburn, IBS and Osteoporosis.

Answer #4

The drug that it is in it, cafeine.

It is all bad for the bady when it is exesevely consumed. A lot of people drink it when they need to stay awake and all.

But the less the better. Uou know it’s good to do it in the mornings but not a whole day thing.

Answer #5

thanks for the great advice, I will try and cut down, I must drink up to 10 cups a day!! have no trouble sleeping though!! thanks Shemmy27 x

Answer #6

Because it full of caffenee and it supposivley makes your growth stunt or whatever.

Answer #7

i heard that it makes you shorter and that too much caffeine is bad for your nervous system =c good but bad for you

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