If i'm sick with a stamach ache, is powerade good to drink?

I currently have a stomach ache (lots of vomiting) and I was wondering if grape powerade zero would be something that would be good for me to drink?

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ha well, like I said, it's powerade zero, it basically has noting but a couple milligrams of sodium in it. So no, it doesn't have too much sugar - it doesn't have any!

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If it's just a stomach ache then powerade really won't do much. You should be drinking seven up or ginger ale. Ginger ale is actually better for you because it has less sugar in it. Sugar wouldn't be good for you. If you have other symptoms like a fever or chills then you need some lemon-lime Gatorade and take some medications to get ease it. Oh and chicken soup is always good. Feel better soon.

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Too much sugar. Grape pedialyte or the orange pedialyte would make you feel better faster. :) I was on my deathbed with vomiting and diarrhea back in February- they gave me 2 I've bags and sent me home to suffer there. I felt worse, till dear ole daddy thought I should try some pedialyte. Worked like like a MIRACLE. I hadn't finished my glass and I felt better! :) It replenishes your electrolytes better than powerade.

Get well soon.

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gatorade will help put the electrolytes back into your body... or try drinking gingerale.

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one time when I had the stomach flu a doctor told me to drink little sips of gatorade and I wouldnt throw it up

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powerade isnt good to drink, period.

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It really does help but just get a regular Powerade like fruit punch of the blue one so yes it is really good to drink powerade

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