Can't stop eating

Every time I eat food, and get full I still want to eat food. How do I stop?

Answer #1

I go through phases where I do that I’ll be constantly wanting food it’s not that I’m even hungry I just want to taste food. after eating just try to find something to distract you from wanting more.

Answer #2

tell yourself youre full and you couldnt possibly eat anymore

I have the same problem

what I do like when im out is when im full I will pour some of my pop over it so I dont want to eat anymore or if I want to take it home ill put it on the other side of the table so that I dont have it in front of me

Answer #3

when you start to get full try to stop, keep doing that then your mind will get use to it.

Answer #4

well thats gluttony w/c is one of the 7 deadly sins.. if you are a catholic..

Answer #5

I eat mints until I feel sick!!! hehehe oh and apples are good

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