Why don't people tip appropriately?

I work at a restaurant. Here is what I want to know. Do people not understand that servers make only 2.13 an hour, and we depend on our tips to survive? How is it that a family can come in and spend over 100 dollars on dinner, and not tip you appropriately for outstanding service? I have literally had a table of people praise me for how great I did, and then only tip 10%?

Answer #1

Have you ever thought about working from home instead? There are a lot of ways of doing this. I’ve done a couple and know a lot of people who have, and have done very well. It is an idea. That way your pay doesn’t depend on others…as we well know how that goes.

Answer #2

I understand what you are saying, but I was trying to give you others viewpoints. I know in Miami that due to the high volume of senior citizens, most waiters/waitresses could not make it because the tips were virtually nonexsistant. If its not paying, keep looking for other jobs. good luck.

Answer #3

ok perhaps I feel the need to explain my situation. yes… it is my choice to work as a server for now, but I chose it for a reason. my husband and I just had our son 11 months ago, and we don’t have help from our family or the money to pay for a babysitter. therefore, my husband works a good day job, which leaves me working nights. in my town, the only night jobs available are restaurants and gas stations. gas stations aren’t safe, so a restaurant it is. as for my choice for my career, I am a attending college for medical billing, but that doesn’t happen over night. so right now I am stuck depending on whether people feel generous or not. I know its a gamble, but for now, its that or nothing.

Answer #4

My friend is a professional wrestler making a lot of money, and his philosophy is: you made the choice to work for tips, I made a choice to be a Professional Wrestler, so why should I tip you? In other words, people may not feel it is their duty to tip you. I understand you’re feeling, but it was your choice.

Answer #5

I understand! Oh, I remember those days. Honestly, I think some people think it is 10%. I think the others don’t care. I remember one table ran me around in circles and left $0. I was so mad that day! I’ve been known a couple times to not tip well but that was b/c they didn’t give good service. I know the economy is hard but there are other things out there.

Answer #6

Not it isnt against the law not to tip. If it was against the law it wouldnt be a tip. It would simply be part of the cost of the meal. As for the job should pay you the amount, uhm what precisely would you do if all the servers quit?

To answer your question, I pay the standard 12-15%, if I like the server 20%… I have no clue why people dont tip approproately, it’s something my parents just instilled in me, (if they’re out with someone they know wont tip, they’ll make sure to tip in privately). I wish I could generalize and say people who dont tip are not generous, or are small people, but that isnt true… I dont know… Some people have just been brought up to do different things I guess…

Answer #7

some people dont really know how much a server makes, until they actually get to work as one! so they dont understand that we depend on tips! I was one the type of person who would always go to restaurants and was stingy and never tip until I actually got to work as a server then I realized how much they really depend on a tip and how it changes some ones day to get a really good tip :)

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