Why does one of my eyes get lazy when I smoke pot??

Not always but sometimes my right eye becomes like a lazy eye when I smoke and it looks bad! First I felt it and thought that I was just imagining it because of “thinking too much” but then I looked into the mirror and it was actually happening. It makes me look so weird. I love love smoking I enjoy it so much, it’s god’s gift but I haven’t really been smoking because of this…please give me some advice fellow pot smokers! :)

Answer #1

Well you shouldn’t be worrying. I was born with a lazy eye, just be happy you don’t have it all the time! Do you have any vision problems?

When you smoke pot, it relaxes you, so your eye isn’t straining to stay straight when you smoke.

If you’re self conscience about it while you’re around other people just wear sunglasses! ..you’re baked, I’m sure nobody will think you’re weird in that state.

Answer #2

hahaha thx aec96 & bowchikabowwow!!! people like thisisfun13 irritate me too…they just don’t get it… but if it’s both eyes I wouldn’t mind..it’s one eye so it looks stupid..I was trying to find out how to avoid it… HAPPY SMOKING!!! :)

Answer #3

don’t listen to thisisfun13, those people irritate me. But yes like aec96 said, it is normal. I do not have one lazy eye, but both my eyes get very lazy. Oh, and I love to smoke pot too, it always makes me happy to see other blazers on here.

Answer #4

I USED TO BE A HUGE HUGE POT SMOKER. honestly it gets old. you think its fun, and you think its help you but it doesnt. stick to not smoking. when your burnt, your ugly. seriously and you dont even realize because your stoned. months of smoking leave you with dark circles under your eyes and a dumb look on your face. stop smoking because weed makes you ugly and stupid. if anything smoke before bed.

Answer #5

its normal, I dont smoke but my bro does, he looks really tierd and his eyes are lazzy so I think its normal

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