Why does my stomach hurt so bad?

So, I've had a new diet plan recently, which also includes no food 3 hours before bed. I've adjusted really well to it over the weeks, but the past week or two when I wake up in the mornings my stomach hurts SO BAD. Like, I have to run to the kitchen and get cereal or something immediately, I can't tolerate it (and I can usually tolerate pain really well). It basically feels like hunger multiplied by 100000. I wake up feeling like I haven't eaten in weeks. Normally I wake up with either no feelings of hunger, or it's pretty mild. What is this?!?



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omg I've had the same problems~only mine will be random I havent started a diet cus I don`t really think I need one im like really skinny~and I really don`t mean to be bragging just saying that~but I ate a hotdog at my parent`s friends for a bonfire at a hotdog then got sick this was back in `05 by the way, and I just found out recently that it was food poisoning and they only last about 1-2 months not everyday usually 1ce or 2ce a week and strange enough it only starts right around that time it happened in `05!!! and we still cant figure it out sometimes on this it feels like it goes down and sometimes it stays the same but one thing that hasn`t changed~it NEVER goes up-the pain I mean. I hope it stops for your sake <3

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If you're doing this new dietary thing so that you can lose weight (not that I am saying you need to lose weight, just that most people do this so that they can lose weight), it may be counterproductive. If you want to lose weight, then you SHOULD eat something before bed, so that your metabolism keeps working through the night. In order to burn fat, your metabolism needs to be "working" all the time. For that to happen, you need to eat food at short intervals. That's why athletes eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big meals. It keeps your body from thinking it is starving and entering "starvation mode" (i.e. storing fat).

When you sleep, it is the longest interval between when you last ate and when your body gets more food (or at least it should be). 8 hours for most people, right? So since you want your metabolism to keep "working" (i.e. burning fat through the night), you don't want to go 3 hours before sleeping without eating anything. Because then your body will think "I'm starving" and begin to STORE FAT instead of burning it. So eat something healthy before bed. Just no carbs or junk food.

Now if you're not trying to lose weight, the only other thing i can think of is maybe you have heartburn or GERD or something you are trying to get rid of. If that's the case, have you tried lifting the top side of your bed up with bricks? Helps some people. There's other things you can do too. Let me know if you want to know them.

But yeah, it sounds like just hunger pains. Maybe keep some water by the bed so at least you won't get dehydrated.


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I've already done that though.. I started out eating only an apple, or a salad.. something like that before bed and nothing else, it's been several weeks and I was doing fine with no food 3 hours before bed.. but it's only suddenly that I've started getting really bad hunger pains, assuming that's what they are

Thanks for the input though! I appreciate it.

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Yeah, I agree with dolce84. Your probably just feeling hunger pains. I get them sometimes to because I don't always eat dinner. After a while it should get better and your body will adjust. Drink some water or have a small healthy snack before bed and you should be fine, and slowly work your way down until you don't have to have anything before bed. Hope this helps!

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To answer your question, they probably are JUST hunger pains. I feel the same way when I don't eat before bed. I love it because it feels like the fat is melting right off. I would drink a big glass of water before bed. That may trick your body into thinking its full. After a while your body will adjust on its own and you'll no longer be hungry.

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I was going to suggest some milk before bed as well. Hot milk also helps you get more tired.

Another thing I've done is a tea that's actually to help with digestion, but fills you up at the same time. You brew some fennel seeds in a cup of hot water. I always use my mortar and pestle first to grind them up and then drink the tea. Afterwards, you have the softened and soaked seeds to munch on. they have negligible calories, they're good for your tummy and they will give your stomach something to work on overnight.

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eat something before you go to bed, it a protein bar or a banana to give you energy to burn

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I have the very same problem. recently I changed my diet and I dont eat 2 hours before bed. I was fine for the first week then slowly pain in my stomach began at night. it is gettin worse and wakes me up during the night. It feels like someone punched me in the stomach and its now bruised. Its absoulty painfull. I really dont know why its happen. If I do wake up I take a zip of water then 20 mintues later im up again with the pain. I think that its just the stomach not use to the new pattern of eating (diet) as it expects a lot more; you could think of it as a sleeping pattern, if you change it you end up with headches the next day. Best advice I could give you is drink water the next time you have stomach pain and cut down on food slowly rather than quickly. Anyway if you find the reason or a cure let me know.

Many regards

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Oh yeah forgot to add, just before bed drink some water. That way your trick your brain/stomach into thinking its full. This may stop/reduce the stomach giving pains.


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why dont u try jus avin a big glass of milk or water or even a cup of tea b4 u go to sleep i find when im in a rush n dnt hav time to eat that normaly fills u up and its low calories aswell.

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You've been able to limit yourself to eating NOTHING up until now. So some fruit should be easy.

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Yeah that's true. I just can't deal with temptation very well haha.. it would be so hard to limit myself to one piece of fruit.

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Well, eating something small won't hurt (e.g. piece o' fruit)...

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Part of my diet plan is no eating 3 hrs before bed... otherwise I would

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