Why does my laptop dvd player only play some dvds?

My laptop is driving me mad!!it will only play certain dvds,like I bought a dvd a few wks ago and the dvd drive doesnt recognise it,it keeps saying please insert a dvd,but then I put another 1 in and it plays just fine,I bought another dvd yesturday and the same thing happens,yet it works just fine in my sons laptop,why is this?

Answer #1

some disks have a PC protection burned onto them so to help combat piracy…

there is ways of getting past them

Answer #2

im not really sure exactly but from what I’ve heard from friends some dvds just cause problems in different laptop\pc’s, sorry dont have an answer =\

Answer #3

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Answer #4

The reason the DVD’s don’t play on one laptop - or dvd player - is usually the regional encoding that’s built into the DVD player itself (or computer). There are I think 5 regions…DVD’s from the region that your dvd player is from (eg, the USA) will play fine. But, if you buy a real, non pirated DVD from a store in say, Tokyo, it may not play, as it’ll be a different region that the DVD player you’re trying to play it on.

Some computers allow you to change the region it’s set to…however you can only do that a few times, as they’re trying to combat piracy, which is why you can’t switch it anytime you like. Sorry it took a while for you to get a thorough explanation of the problem.

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