Why won't DVDs play on my new laptop?

I recently bought an HP. Its completely fine, it runs fast and I’ve only used it to get on a few different websites, such as Facebook and this site. When I try to play a DVD on either Windows Media or the CyberLink DVD player, my whole computer freezes. It can’t be a virus, can it?

Answer #1

i know some dvds now have copyright protection on them and wont even let you play them in your computer. Disney is the biggest ones that use it, it will only let you play in a seperate dvd player…

but first you want to make sure that you can play other media. can you play music cds, will black dvds read in your computer? if its freezing its prob the software… do not use media player it sucks for playing anything but music. cyberlink also sucks for playing dvds,,,

i would recommend downloading GOM player or VLC player i use GOM and its amazing HP add a lot of crap on the computer i worked for them for 3 years.

wwwDOTgomlabDOTcom and its free to download

Answer #2

You need either a Digital copy of the film Or a specific DVD player on your computer.

Answer #3

is it a hdx? a g60? a mini with seperate dvd player?

and i meant *blank dvds not black

Answer #4

adding a dvd into a dvd drive shouldnt make a system crash.

when its added into the drive can you see it within computer/my computer?

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