How do I burn quicktime video to a dvd so it plays on a dvd player?

I made a graduation video for my brother last year and my grandma wants to see it cause she never got a chance, so I want to burn it to a dvd so she can watch it on her dvd player. I have a mac and a windows computer so I can convert from either one. My video is in a quicktime form, but I don’t want to bye quicktime pro. can anyone tell me how to convert the video to a dvd?

Answer #1

Put it in imovie and publish it to itunes and insert a blank disk and click and drag from itunes to the disk and it will ask like do you want to burn this dvd? and you say yes. or sometimes you have to open the disk and click ‘burn disk’.

in imovie, you just open the application (it should come with all macs, if not t will be free from the mac website, just search it) click make a new project, and go file> import movies, and import the video(s) you want to use (you can edit them and stuff too with words, music, and fade in and out and stuff. then when you are done click publish> to itunes.

Answer #2

there are tonnes of softwares that convert video’s just look around. google it. but a lot you have to pay for so just download a trial version and crack it. :) or look for serial numbers

crack this software

Answer #3

I think you need a good dvd burner, my friend. There is a software that can help you ,and it tells you the steps. You may take a look at this website: [link removed], Video to Blu-ray Burner is easy to use and powerful for experts as well.

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