Do newer dvd players not play burned movies?

I have so many movies that are burned, and none of them work on a dvd player I just bought. They all skip. 2 other people have the same dvd player, and they don’t work for them either. Store bought movies do work though.. what’s going on with it?

Answer #1

Actually, I believe it’s the opposite. Older DVD players have trouble recognizing burned DVD’s. Perhaps there is something else causing this issue?

There are multiple types of DVDs, and certain DVD players will only accept certain types of disks. Maybe your DVD player will not accept your burned DVD because it is not the correct type?

Or, maybe it’s the burn speed. When you burn a DVD, usually…you are given the option of burn speed. Some DVD players won’t even play disks burned at speeds greater than 4X.

Also, you should check your burned DVD for scratches, or dust. Scratches and dust on your disk can cause it not to work. Try cleaning your DVD and see if it will play. If not, try burning a new copy of the disk. You should also avoid putting those sticky labels on your DVD’s, they can make a DVD not play as well.

Answer #2

Not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they started making DVD players that don’t play burned DVDs.

Answer #3

Yeah, seeing as it’s illegal.

Answer #4

They play, but they skip super bad. I thought it was the dvd, so I burned the same movie on a different dvd, and that also skipped but at different parts… hmm it might be the speed, I’ll try that. Thanks!

Answer #5

No problem. I hope I helped! :]

Answer #6

Newer Dvd plays do play burned movies. Old ones don’t. =)

Answer #7

my dvd player is brand new and i can play ripped films….

if your dvd player is restricted then itll only do what its ment to do. you could try looking for the name and model and unlocking it.

for instance my dvd player was restricted to rg2 but after i unlocked it to rg0 it played everything perfect without skip.

also theres a diff between pal and ntsc so if the film you ripped was originaly pal and you burned it ntsc you could have probs.

i had probs with region 1 untill i unlocked it to region 0.

Answer #8

Hmm how can I unlock it? It’s one of those cheap 30 dollar single dvd players, it works well with everything except for burned dvd’s.. avatar omg!

Answer #9

Yes the newer dvd player will play burned dvds.

Answer #10

like this moe….

im gonna make a vid for ya lol

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