Why does my boyfriend have these dreams about me?

He's been having dreams that I do stuff to piss him off an today he said he had a dream I cheated on him an he broke up with me then he put a sad face like this:'( why in the world does he dream this??

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dreams okay..

dreams ar like away of you brain sortin out usless info like we learn stuff but some things you do in the day aint important so it like your brain store em away and then to "discard" them thoughts/memorys you have dreams

so it could be that your boyfriend has fort bout you cheatin or..
his brain put 2 random things together and bamb there we go ya get me

and it also can be a sorce of insacurtiy so be aware

but do talk bout it .. but the mre he think bout it the mre likey he is to dream bout it

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Dreams don;t always mean something. We dream because our brains need something to do while we sleep so they create a whole bunch of images into our minds and play them all night through.
maybe your boyfriend has insecurity problems and feels that you're cheating on him. or maybe he sees you with a lot of your guy friends and he gets jealous. or maybe his brain just felt like taking a crazy trip last night. lol
I don't know, but you two should talk about his dreams and ask him why he could possibly be dreaming these things. and maybe you two can fix the problems between each other.

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maybe he is insecure about your relation...

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