What does it mean when you have a dream about an ex- boyfriend?

Okay, so last night I had this wierd dream about my ex…Alex. Well, in this dream we talked like nothing happened between us 2 months ago (we broke up 2 months back). Then in this dream..he told me he had a new girlfriend. Why on earth did I feel sad when I woke up? and why did I want it to continue?

Another quick question: Is it wierd to miss your ex-boyfriends even though you broke up with them in the first place?

Answer #1

Yeah its normal. No one likes to see, hear or think your ex has moved on. You liked them for a reason in the beginning and thats probably still there. In time, you miss them less and less but 2 months after is stil pretty close to when you broke up. Depending on why you broke up with him, you could try getting back together with him if thats what you want. Overall, I don’t think your dream has any really significance to the state of your past relationship and I wouldn’t over analyze it

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