Why am I dreaming about my ex boyfriend?

I never think about him, I honestly can’t stand him.. he hurt me pretty bad, so he’s on my list lol.

But I keep having dreams about him! Bad, … dirty dreams.. and I’ve never done anything with him in real life.

I have a boyfriend and I’m over my ex but it bothers me and I don’t want to dream about him anymore haha.. so why am I having these dreams?

Answer #1

you might be having this dreams b/c deep inside you might still have feeling for him in an a differnt way

are maybe there is a possibilty that you are going to hear some news in the near future whether it be good or bad.

are it might just mean that your horny and he the first that comes to mind

Answer #2

haha no, I don’t miss him at all and I have one! That’s why it’s so confusing.. and grosses me out. I wake up and go: Bleh. :)

Answer #3

Well, I had a dream about my ex the other day. But I think it was bcoz I miss him.. mybe you actually miss him or you need a boy ! lol

Answer #4

I think you still have feelings for him… believe me I’ve gone through that,by the way did you quit him?

Answer #5

u still like him or wanna be with him deep down I have the same problem with my ex girlfriend

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