Why does my boyfriend dream of me with another man?

My boyfriend always dreams of me sleeping with other men or entertaining other men in my house when he is not around, this is getting ridiculous, the men are either his best friends, brother or strange ones that I have never even met. I dont know what to do, he claims to be very trustworthy of me, but always acts strange and different after these absurd dreams of his, what should I do?

Answer #1

Meaby he thinks about loosing you. It could be that he is affraid you are cheeting on him or somthing. I think that the best thing to do is to tell him the way he acts after the dreams that he has. Let him know that they are just dreams and that they mean nothing at all! And if he really truat you, why should a dream change anathing.

Answer #2

Maybe he is worried that he will Lose you to one of those people he is dreaming about! And doesnt want to? Or maybe he is having a premanition! that probly sounds silly but a friend of mine had a dream about her boyfriend cheating on her & it happened {I am not saying that is going to be the case} I am just saying there coulld be a possability?

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