Does moderate underaged drinking cause permanent brain damage?

my question isn’t why does it they made me put why first… but does MODERATE underage drinking cause permanent brain damage?? I’ve heard every time you drink if you’re underage it makes you more stupid and I want to know if thats true because I’m 16 and started drinking last summer and over the summer I drank a lottt and still drink moderately, maybe once a week or less. I’m in all honors and AP classes and I really don’t want to lose a lot of brain cells and get stupid from drinking..

Answer #1

yes it can. Both excessive and prolonged use can have a negative effect. Occassional use not so much. Drinking during adolescence, which in terms of brain development is anything under twenty one can be very harmful as this is a time where your brain undergoes a great deal of remodelling. Furthermore, it can (not necessarily, but it can) set a person up for alcohol dependance because during this phase of your life, your brain removes unused connections while the ones that are being used are strengthened and become permanent. Therefore if you drink regularly in this phase, it can become a habitual thing in later life.

Basically, adolescence is a very vulnerable time for brain development and regular drinking can have a harmful effect. I did some study on it last year while I was twenty two and out of the critical phase so it was too late for my poor brain!

Answer #2

What does underage mean anyways? In most countries the drinking age is 18. And people in europe have an occasional drink with their parents all the time. Probably what prevents the binge drinking and craziness that is associated with college drinking in the U.S. Prolonged use is not really the problem, it is excess use. So no, moderate drinking is not a problem. But if you are not able to keep it at a moderate rate that is problematic. Also there are statistics that state that the earlier you drink the more likely you are to have alcoholism later on (of course it does not say whether kids who are more likely to drink earlier are those who have other issues which then is the reason they are more likely to become alcoholics).

Answer #3

Here’s a guide that begins by describing the problem of underage drinking , and reviewing factors that contribute to it. It then identifies a series of questions to help you analyze your local underage drinking problem. Finally, it reviews responses to the problem, and what is known about them from evaluative research and police practice.

Answer #4

Well the affects are the same across the board… Excessive drinking can kill brain cells in the long run just the same as all other types of drugs even tough its legal its still a drug… Its not going to make you stupid over night but its still really bad for you in later life… its the hangovers which stop you from studying that would affect your grades right now… I know your probably not going to listen to my advice but you shouldn’t even be drinking once a week maybe you could save it just for special occasions … theres a legal age limit for a reason and its been proven that people who start to drink at a young age are more likely to be alchoholics when they are older… Xo:)

Answer #5

Drinking affects brain function, but it would require extremely high dosages (more than what is required to get you drunk) to actually cause brain damage. However, prolonged use can cause permanent impairment of the nervous system, memory loss, personality dysfunction and loss of coordination.

Nonetheless, drinking excessive amounts will damage the liver, and there is no cure for that. Starting to drink at a younger age is only giving you a kick start to Cirrhosis, which technically, already means you’re being stupid.

Use your head…there’s more at stake here than just being stupid.

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