brain damage

why is it when I lie down and I get up a few minutes later I feel really dizzy ? every thing goes blank and I cant see for a few seconds! could this be brain damage?

Answer #1

thank u

Answer #2

The same thing happens to me. I went to the doctors because I was worried about it. They told me I was anemic and gave me iron pill supplements to help take care of that. They also told me to take my time standing up. Instead of just going straight from laying down to standing up really quick. Sit up first, wait a couple seconds, then stand. It works for me! lol Taking your time beats feeling like you’ve went blind for 5 seconds!

Answer #3

It sounds like orthostatic hypotension. You see your body constantly adjusts its blood pressure to get blood to all parts of your body. When we get up too quickly our body can not adjust quickly enough to raise blood pressure to get blood to our head so we may starve our brain of blood and thus oxygen for a moment.

Probably a good idea to see a doc just to be safe but chances are you will be told to just get up more slowly.

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