Why does it still bother me he had a picture of a girl?

It is really getting to me! This was like 2 years ago, but my boyfriend gave me his old phone because I needed one, and he got a new one. So I was looking through it and he had a picture still in there. It was of a girl - I dont know who she was. Well, she was just sitting on the edge of a bed (like in her bedroom) smiling. It was obvious by the picture that he had asked to take a picture of her. At this time, we had been going out for almost a year and he had ZERO pictures of me in his phone - ZERO. When I asked him about it - it was when he called me from work and I was upset and started yelling. He hung up on me because he said he couldnt talk about it at work. Then, later he said- its just a friend of his. I asked him why he didnt have any pictures of me, and he said cause he is with me all the time -or something like that. I told him it was because I'm not pretty enough for him. So anyway, to this day it still really hurts me. The thing is- now he always wants pictures of me. I dont know if its because I improved my appearance or what. He is going through some family problems so I dont want to bother him with something that happened two years ago, but it really hurts me still! Why? Do I need to just let it go? Oh- and I know he would never cheat on me- I trust him. Please Help!! What do you think?

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Ok. So he was dating you, you know like being around you a lot, talking to you a lot, seeing you a lot, actually having to touch you a lot, but he thought you were not pretty enough? So he was dating you because he was just desperate? Wow, I realize you have esteem issues, but try and think logically. How does this make any sense? No one sticks to a person for 2 years if they think they're ugly! Give the poor guy a break, realize that you have serious self-esteem issues and he shouldnt suffer for them, and move on. He's with you. He loves you. If you are not able to come to accept that fact, you will lose him at some point. And it will be over the stupidest thing ever.

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