There is this girl I still love and is my ex girlfriend

I cant believe that she is hiding her feelings Her friend thinks that she has feelings for me but her other friend said I should forget about her Like I told her that I still love her but she usually dont say anything and she acts different around me. Her friend ask her if she still love me but she said only as a friend Do you think she still love me or she moved on

Answer #1

I totally think she still loves you. Most girls are like that. They want to look strong in public and still have all these feelings bundled up inside them.

Answer #2

I disagree with the ABOVE answer :) just kidding :)

Answer #3

I totally disagree with the above answer. She was your girlfriend once upon a time, I highly doubt shes trying to “look” strong by not admitting she liked someone if she really did.

she acts different around me. her friend ask her if she still love me but she said only as a friend>>What else do you need to know before you decide to move on? The key words here are…she only likes you as a friend!

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