Why does it hurt soo much ! ?

Okaay, so the other day my mom got me some hair removal cream . The bottle said to test it out on a small portion of hair to nsee if it works first . So I decided to put it on the edges of my eyebrows and over the bridge of me nose . At first it stung a little and when I took the cream off it looked fine . So I theen got in shower , and used it on my leds, after I took it off my legs they started to burn and now I have a small space on each leg that is red, and looks almost like I have a bunch of bug bites A couple of mintued laater the area around my eyebrows started to hurt too, and now it looks like my skin around there was skinned, and ever since yesterday it has felt like it burns !

So I was wondering if anybody might know why this happened .. ? And also what I should do to help the area around my eyes (im not too concerned about my legs) Please ? Thanks !

Answer #1

you have sensitive skin? I had that same reaction to that nair stuff. it sucks. I used burn cream on my legs and maybe if you have some unsented lotion it might help too. and cold water.(not too cold) but sit in cool water let your legs relax

Answer #2

You might be allergic to the cream. The same thing happend to me. you could try putting lotion on it or some neosporen. Either one might help with the stinging and the bumps. If it gets worse go to the doctor and he/she may be able to prescribe something for you.

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