Women&Men At War

Do you think its right to have Women at war along with men? Because those Women might have families,kids,and jobs but get called to serve for the U.S?

Answer #1

In a voluntary military…yes. Anyone should be allowed to fight.

I just wish humans would evolve and understand that war is not the answer.

Answer #2

yes why is it or should it be any diff to men they still might have familys wifes its just the same apart from they are men and we are ladys lol

Answer #3

Men and Women are equall in my mind, so why not.

Answer #4

Yes for the times I’ve been in combat a few female Marines have took the brunt of fighting like a Heecat an on one occassion I had a fellow female Marine draf My big a__ to cover due to My big feet tripping me an later on when our deployment was over an we got off duty I bought her an her husband a round of drinks all night cause if it wasnt for her I wouldnt of made it home,for some others couldnt get to me as she done an saved me as she did,so to all you Fellow Female Marines I approve an support you in you being in Combat. Sgt.Paul H. U.S.M.C..

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