Something to Wrap your head around. If you can.

Well you know how there are viruses that make blood come out of every hole in youre body and a whole bunch of deadly viruses that will kill the whole human race, well what if we have them because were all suppost to die. When were all gone the earth might stabalize over millions of years and we will re-evolve. Or god would step in, clean the earth, and bring new people to the earth. Like one big cycle that wont stop untell people learn to care for the Eath. Just something to wrap your head around.

Answer #1

agreed with toadaly & before jumping on someone for an answer don’t ask if you don’t want to hear it.

Answer #2

In 2012, Everyone’s apparently suppose to die.

Answer #3

omg god was just an option for the christans, I put evolve for a reason, duh. Geesh

Answer #4

The human race will die. The question isn’t if, it’s when. How can I be so sure?

  • The universe has a finite future. If it does not collapse or impact another universe from another dimension first, it will die of heat death. There is nothing that we can do to stop that if we understand physics right.

  • If we don’t figure out how to live permanently off the earth, we will be destroyed when the sun explodes in about 5 billion years

  • If we make it that long, we will most likely have evolved into something that is no longer recognizably human

  • if that doesn’t happen, we will probably be killed off by an impact event, a pandemic, or our own weapons.

Answer #5

“The wisdom of the world is foolishness to G-d.”

I think you have that backwards. Belief in god is the foolishness.

“Why would G-d show more love to the planet then those who were created in his image. “

Doesn’t he do that every time people die in a natural disaster? I mean he is all powerful. He could stop it right? Why does he just let perfectly innocent and good people die so horribly?

Answer #6

The wisdom of the world is foolishness to G-d. At least it is to my G-d, I do not place limits on him. Why would G-d show more love to the planet then those who were created in his image.

Answer #7

good theory .

I wish someone really knew what happens after life .

its pretty interesting .

Answer #8

What if what ever god made made more things? does that mean what god made made more is another type of god

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