Why do people have sex so young.

Hi, I’m not judging or anything. Just curious as to why do you guys think that a lot of teenagers lose their virginity at such a young age.

Answer #1

here it is kinda the same - I live in SA (well for some cultures) see I’m asking this out of curiosity, cause in our culture if you are under 18 and have sex people judge and you get labelled (which isn’t fair but that is the way it is).

Answer #2

If I did, it was a typo, and I apologize.

I have a hard time typing sometimes when my son is on my lap trying hit the keys at the same time.

Answer #3

MOST do it to fit in and supposedly because they’re friends are (when most of the time they’re making it up anyway). Its pathetic sum of the girls in this town hu have sex with loads of peole just to get free drink of them. They oubviusly have no self respect.

Although not everyone is like that and some just feel like theyre in love (or maybe they are in love) so do it for that reason.

I disagree that ALL lads just want girls for sex because that int true. Most do yes but my boyfreind waited for me and I respect him for that

Answer #4

well some think they are ready and that they are in love .. so some also do it just to please the significant other even tho they dont want to … people now at days dont think the same like in the old days .. then it used to be really bad if you lost your virginity before you got married .. now its a good thiing..

well im a mexican so .. in our culture if you lose your virginity at a young age and end up prego .. you are considered a slut or wh*re ..

Answer #5

I lost mine when I was 16 years old, I don’t see a problem with losing it at that age. I was ina 2 year relationship, thought I was in love, and used protection. I’ve had my share of sexual partners, and I dont have any regrets about any of them. It was what I wanted at the time, I was always safe, and to me it was a learning experience.

Answer #6

well I guess some people think that people that have sex are kind of cool and are like kind of mature .. some people say its like a new thing that everybody would like to try… but in malaysia,, those who have loss their virginity eearly are most likely to be treated like an animal are with to pride to the society!!!

Answer #7

well, around that time of age when your a teenager your hormones start kicking in and sometimes you can’t even control it. I think its sad how some teenagers lose their social life and some females commit suicide due to getting pregnant just because of a phsycological stage that everyone goes through.

Answer #8

It is easy lack of value for themselves. I have written this in many answers, but the girls on this site need to remember that guys regret the girls that they didn’t sleep with, girls regret the guys that they did. Morality is declining in the world, no matter where you are, the exposrue to sexually explicit material is greater than ever. Guys are pigs, and they will say anything to get some action, trust me I am one and I know. Protect your virginity gilrs. Stand up and say NO !!

Answer #9

No offence Mandlyloo but in another question you sed you lost it when you were 15!

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