Are you sure these people aren't sex offenders?

I have been on hear for a few days, I am a mother of 2 girls all grown up and making there own nests, boohoo.. I have been answering some people ques, some are very sad to say the least, however what I have noticed is that some people pretend to be young adolesence on hear when infact they are not they are older than they say just to ask perverted qu, normaly about your private parts, sex, etc, these people are probably some sort of offenders and people should be a little bit careful when answering these qu.

A caring mum from England

Answer #1

thanks mum its good to have people with some sense on a website like this.

Free posting. Almost as bad as wikopedia

I remember me and some friends where fooling about in the schools omputer lab and we posted a great big article on my friend chris

It was hilarious

Answer #2

hahaha (:

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