Why are young people asking about sex?

Why are 13-17 year olds asking about sex tips and bj’s and so on. Dose any one besides me check the age of them on the profile before answering. I feel like a pervert answering a question and then finding out I gave se advice to a 14 year old. To you young one’s dont worry about sex just yet. Youll have plenty to worry about until then

Answer #1

For real… I think it’s really awkward sometimes because I have little brothers and sisters and there are guys on here 13 years old asking how to “properly f*nger a girl”… and girls that age asking about orgasms… it’s just scary, but whatever you know…

Answer #2

Because they are curious. Anyway, there are people that are developing early, or going through stages in their relationships. Yes, 13 and 14 year olds can wait, but, like the person said above, this site is for asking any question not a site for criticism. This site is meant for anybody that needs advice. Young people can’t help but, be curious about sex. In fact, when I was 13, I was curious. They aren’t alone.

Answer #3

Young people who want sex or ask about it are just curious. Most of them are on the verge of becoming an adult or are going on to the next level with their relationship.

This website is ment to be a place were anyone can ask any questions and get honest answers and advice not a place were young adults get critized or judged because they are curious about sex.

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Answer #5

teenagers have been having sex for decades…its just a fact.

Answer #6

I suppose your right about it being a place for advice. I still check the age though.

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