Do people have sex while on their period?

im just curious about it even though I dont have sex because im young…

Answer #1

yeah it sounds very uncomfterble ! thx 4 the answers I never knew people did it

Answer #2

personally speaking…its not my thing and my boyfriend does not like the idea neither so we don’t do it…but lots of other couple do it…

Answer #3

lol nice one zudano. but there can be many reasons. one of them can be that the man probably likes to feel an extra natural lubricated vagina. and its easier for the man to have a good penetration. now I dont think that all man likes having sex wit a women who has her period I think thats nasty very nasty.. but ok good luck to those that love having sex with the period

Answer #4

Some people do have. It depends on the guy (even though guys don’t mind a girl having their periods, the majority of them aren’t too cool having sex while their girl is bleeding). Also it depends on the girl and whether she is comfortable with it.

So to answer your question, no most people do not have sex then, purely because they don’t like the idea of it, however it is safe and can be done, so to speak.

Answer #5

You can swim in the Red River, you just don’t want to drink from it.

Answer #6

Many do.

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