Why would anyone feel sorry for someone like this?

OK so I’m flipping though my tv and I stopped on a rerun of the Tyra Banks show. She was doing an episode answering questions about men, being a guy myself I wanted to see what it was about, Anyway sitting next to Tyra was this guy a very good looking, guy I’m not gay LOL, but he look like one of those guy’s you’ll normally see work in an office, Anyways he starts to admit he does’nt like the way he looks. I’m like are you serious this idiot is complaining about the way he looks? If anyone should be complaining its me, I’m 6’0 ft 250 pounds slightly overweight, wear glasses and can’t get women to look at me. WTF I don’t feel sorry for people like him one bit. It’s bad enough guys like him have everything.

Answer #1

There is something in their mind that makes them think they arnt beautiful in their own way. AND YOU. YOU MR. SHOULD JUST SHUSH! 6’0 thats hecka good. Most girls want a guy thats taller than them. 250 pounds…its alright. If you think your all OMG IM FAT work out. eat less then you do right now. or if you dont eat a lot eat good foods not fattie foods. glasses? SOME FACES WERE MADE FOR GLASSES! but then again some were not. If you think you dont look good in them get contacts.

EVERYONE POINTS OUT THEIR FLAWS. Everyone thinks somethings wrong with their body while another person may like it. One person may be hecka overweight && wish they looked like u! SO U! you mr. should have confidence in yourself. Girls love a guy with confidence and that will make them look around your flaws.

Answer #2

I feel sorry for him. Because you have to think of all those girls who are so pretty and say that there ugly. You can’t help but feel pity for a person who needs to ask the world for their opinion. Or the fact that they might be doing it for attention. Its just sad that people are so self absorbed in themselves that they need other peoples opinions. ~btw totally check out my pics dont I look sooo bad ~ j.k j.k j.k hahaha

Answer #3

I can not feel sorry for a guy who knows he’s good looking, can get any women he wants ect and someone like me who can’t even get a women to look at me. If he were in my shoes and was over weight ect I would be like I know what he’s going though. But that’s just me.

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