Why do kids also hide things from there parents?

I am also a kid but I wanna know why kids dont tell there parents they had sex or have a boyfriend, or dont ask then for help when they need help. Like parents have gone threw it before. So I wanna know why kids dont tell there parents or find it hard to talk to them about private stuff?

Answer #1

I don’t know, im very close with my mom and dad, I would tell them my personal stuff

but one of my ex-friends was to close with her mom, I told her a secret about me that no one else knew beside my parents and she went and told her mom and then her mom told the school! thats why were are ex-friends.

Answer #2

Because their parents wouldnt allow it? Or they dont want to be criticized. Or heaven forbid their parents be right about something.

Answer #3

Some kids play secrecy games others have terrible parents who could kill them, kill themselves or throw them out

Answer #4

ill put it in one of the most simple way possible.

Parents can’t handle the truth

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