Do you think it is right for parents to spank their children if the children are between the ages of 13 and 18?

In my opinion, I don't think "spanking" is the best way to discipline a child...but for many parents, it's normal, and not considered child abuse. (Although I wouldn't spank MY children)... I don't really see anything wrong with spanking a child's butt if they are long as it doesn't go too far, which would be child abuse. I wouldn't say the parents were "bad parents" or anything.

I think if you do spank your children, you shouldn't spank them after a certain age...I have heard of plenty of teens still being "spanked" by their parents. I was spanked up until I was 14 or 15...I honestly think it is ridiculous....after a certain age, you should be grounding them, and taking things away from them..not spanking their butt...I mean, doesn't it sound ridiculous for a full grown man to spank his 15 or 17 year old daughter? It just seems weird for a man to touch his teenage daughters butt, even if it isn't sexual.

What do you think?

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No. I don't think there's ever a reason to spank a child of any age...not when there are so many tried and true methods of discipline, but at that age I think it's highly inappropriate.

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What is the point of hitting a child? How on earth does physical voilence ( and yes, hitting is violent in my opinion), teach a child anything. All it taught me was to hide things from my parents. As for teenagers NO, they are a few years away from being adults and you don't hit adults when they do something wrong.

I also agree with you on the spanking your daughters. It would be embarrassing for them if it were their periods or anything like that and it would be like an invasion or privacy.

I just don't agree with hitting and never will.

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well, iv always loved childeren. i dont know why, but i feel shocked when i see a mom spanking their kid. i get kinda mad too. i would never do that to my child. but then again im not like violent or anything unless i have to be, but thats beside the point. but 13-18 honestly is degrading and weird, i would understand if the kid was like 5, and i hate it when a baby gets spanked. as for the whole man spanking his daughter thing i have to agree with u....

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I agree.

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Well I'm thirteen and I don't think it would be right if my parents spanked me. I've never been spanked and I've grown up to be very well-behaved.

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i got spanked and it didnt do me any harm.

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Do you still get spanked at 16 years old?

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I got spanked and didn't have the confidence to even make a mistake until about this time in my life. I also keep things from my parents, because it is always in the back of my mind. My brother has agressive fits (he is 23) because of spanking (not hitting, spanking). You are lucky.

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Like many have said I don't think spanking is an effective way to punish your children it just causes resentment. Plus my 13 year old brother can out run my mom and dad easy lol.

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no, i dont get spanked at 16 but when i did it was because i wasnt listening and being a right little shite.

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oh my I FEEL AWFUL i used to spank my brother hes 13 and half when he wouldnt behave..c my parents didnt care for us much and i was scared if he ended up like my older bro so i would hit him till he cried for hrs..ahh, guiltiness *:(* he started lying so i was afraid if these small things would turn out to be worse..i regret hitting him

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Very Inapropriate,

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u shouldnt dicipline by hittin them(and spankn is hittin)
ur teachn them to hurt people to get wat they want
plus i would feel so gross if i was spanked at my age (15)
think about it, a grown man touchn a young girls butt. its just so wrong.
ant at any age, even if ur younger like 5. i would take ther toys away and tell them no

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=/ Aww...

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I don't see why spanking is necessary. And most definitely not when the child gets to 11 or 12. Hitting is an 'easy' way out and a quick discipline method for lazy parents who can't be bothered spending time teaching their children right from wrong.

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i dont think there is anything wrong with it but i wouldnt do it my mom never spanked me and she said she definatly wont now cuz im to old and that is humiliating and degrading and wierd having ur mom or dad seeing ur bare ass at that age

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I agree...

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no i think they should get smacked in the mouth or punced haha but thats jus me !

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The kids or the parents? O_o

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i think that thats very stupid the kids should be able to learn opn there own an if they dnt learn sooner or later than take away stuff that means the most to them ;)

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You should have told my dad that when I was younger

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lol aint that the truth? ^

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Somewhere between the ages of 13-18 the child often grows larger than the parent, and the parents stop spanking because they're physically outmatched.

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the kids well at least thats what i get if i get in trouble :/

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What!? You think the kids should get smacked and punched? WOW... ¬_¬

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yeah well thats how i was taught !

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That is child abuse. You could actually go to child services and report that if u wanted to. The fact is that its against the law. And let me tell u if someone ever saw ur parents hit u, chances are theyd notify child services and they would be in a whole world of trouble. Plain and simple. Dont do the crime if u cant do the time

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but its not enough to make me bleed like yall is thinking it like a tap sorda i dont know how to explian it :/

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I think physically punishing a child is mostly from frustration and anger on the parent's part. I've worked with kids for 4 years, I'm not allowed to lay a finger on them..and yet, I can still get them to behave. There are other harmless and effective methods that will get kids to do what you want them to do. 13-18 is definitely inappropriate.. you get more of a reaction from them when you take their phone or iPod.

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There doesnt have to be blood. if could be a small slap, or a hard punch in the gut. it is against the law. your parents are breaking the law. unless its spanking, thats legal

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Yes, in some cases....but not all. I am only 4'6" and I am 17. So my parents are way taller than me. I was spanked up until I was 15. My friend from middle school was spanked up until 15 as well, heck she might even still get spanked now at 17...we aren't close like we once were.

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Slapping and punching may not bring blood, but that doesn't mean it's not child abuse. Usually, the kids that get slapped and punched are against kids being slapped and punched....but think that's what they deserve? That is ridiculous. No kid deserves to be abused, emotionally or physically.

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I got spanked loads when I was little. But with my trousers on. (luckily) lol. But I never hide anything from my parents (well at least not because of that - I hide embarrassing stuff...) because when they weren't angry at me and I was being good, they gave me lotsa praise etc. I have a friend who used to have a star chart. I think that's a really good idea! She would literally stop being bad and beg not to lose a star! lol

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well thats how i was raised soo.. yup

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thats sorry but if i were u id tell someone get the hell out of that house

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No, that is way too old. Spanking is for little kids 8 or 9 and under who cannot be reasoned with.

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Although the earlier people actually start reasoning with you the earlier you will learn how to reason with people.

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my mom tried to spank me when I was like 13 or 14 and I turned around nd hit her back she never tried to spank me again. YOur a teen its so wrong to be spanked passed the age of like 7

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I have always loved babies and kids.and when i see a mom or family member spank their kid i want to go up and smack her across the face.but of course you can't do that so i just give her dirty looks.instead of a time out or something that is the "animal" way of cannot control your hands don't have kids.they didn't ask to be placed in your house or life.

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