Why do I get dizzy when I smoke menthols?

ok when I smoke, I get this dizzyness, like im drunk and high, and I can barely stand up straight, why is this happening, and no im not new to smoking I’ve been smoking for a little while now, and I know its bad, and need to stop

by the way I smoke B&H silver 10’s , and Mayfair menthols 10’s as well, the menthol ones make me more dizzier Thanks

Answer #1

I read of 2 possibilities:

  1. Your inner ear has two different functions: in addition to being responsible for hearing, it’s also responsible for your sense of balance. If you have a problem in your inner ear, you may lose your balance easily or feel dizzy.

  2. more oxygen is getting into your brain now that the carbon monoxide

Take care !!

Answer #2

well drinking it usually does make u spinn. smoking no clue ive done it twice while drinkin it didnt do much. but i’m 16 idk how old u are so good luck

Answer #3

Just take this as a good reason to give up.

Answer #4


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