I'm 13 and I get really bad back aches!

I never used to be like this. I think it started when I was at my piano lesson, and I was hunched over the piano. Then I gt an ache in the top right corner of my back, below my right shoulder. Now, whenever I lean over something for more than 20 seconds, my back really starts hurting, and its in the same place. I have baths and everything, but when I get out it STILL hurts. Theres a pain there now. What is it? I’ve had it for over 2 weeks now.

Answer #1

I agree with underdog. Go and see a doctor. You should always get back pain checked out and then also check with your doctor if exercise is ok and then start doing exercises like swimming and squash to strengthen your back muscles.

Answer #2

Go and see your doctor. If its that bad go to hospital. When you sleep don’t use a pillow just lie straight.

Answer #3

Hi, I know this was posted a long time ago, but for anyone else who comes across this! I have have back aches too from hunching over too much (don;t know why) but as Irene Kruger said about strengthening your back, and Yoga! Yoga shall help release the pain, they probably have videos on youtube..i would have thought. Just try Yoga/stretching!! Its great!! And try get the correct posture to prevent the problem getting worse!!

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