Is the war in iraq pointless?

do you think the iraq war is point less I belive it is but we need to protect our liberty and freedom

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that's not really the reason why we are stationed in iraq
but honestly is there really a way to get rid of ALL terrorists?
I think all we can do is try to prevent terrorist acts from happening but I don't think we can remove and cease all forms of terrorism...we're gunna be in iraq for a very long time if this is the true meaning we we are there

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we are hunting down terrorists in iraq, and sending a message to the world as well- that we will stand and fight- we will not back down, if you attack us- we will do what needs to be done.
and I do agree that we will never completely rid the world of terrorism, but we can make them think twice about picking the u.s. as a target.
until the government in iraq stabilizes, we need to be there.

War in iraq

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I think it's pointless. Maybe like a year, until they got the guys that killed our people. But they got them so they should end it, so many people are dying, children are loosing parents. Some of those people don't even have a choice and they die without a goodbye. :[ BUSH IS JUST A STUPIDD SACK OF POTATOES!! Grrr. I dislike him very very much!

This is the cause of the current war in Iraq
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human nature I suppose isn't it
I wish there was other ways around killing eachother, it seems so wrong, but thats the world we live in,

How did the war in iraq begin?

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