Why am I walking in a funny way after trying a tampon without my P?

I tried a tampon for the first time without my period out of curiousity and when I removed it. I started feelin dis sensation like I just had S**. and I started walkin in a funny way. watchall think bout that?

Answer #1

watchall think bout that? I’ll tell you what I think, don’t go putting objects into dark places unless there is a purpose, you silly rabbit.

Answer #2

I think you are one sick pup. Thats what I think about that, you clown.

Answer #3

It was your first time Could take some getting use too (:

Answer #4

well you are not use to it is all it is strething your unmentionable and it could be a little uncomfortable I think it is bery normal it will just take a little while to get use to it is all

Answer #5

yeah that happened to me after my first time too, even though I took it out and all that, it got very difficult to walk and I was walking really funny ‘all over the place’ as my boyfriend at the time put it, and I couldn’t keep up with him which peeved me off because usually I’m the one leading him around.

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