What are some ways to increase the moisture in your eyes without eyedrops?

I wear contacts and recently they have been making me really tired and I suspect it’s because my eyes are very dry. What things can I do or eat to help increase the moisture?

Answer #1

I don’t think u can

Answer #2

You can try to blink the constantly?

Answer #3


Answer #4

not calling them eye drops and dropping some roho’s in your eyes.

Answer #5


Answer #6

Wash your eyes with cold water.

Answer #7

I get the same thing, and generally it’s because you’re over wearing your contact lenses. Try taking a break. Although, I am guilty of putting Visine in my eyes on occasion, as bad as that may be. I find it happens especially if I accidentally fall asleep with them in. Can’t you just wear glasses for a few days and give your eyes a break? You may also need new contacts, that’s another problem I’ve had.

Answer #8

I’ve been wearing my glasses for several months and only took out my contacts the past two days. They are monthlies as well.

Answer #9

I use the monthly lenses and they’re usually good for more than a month. Are these the same lenses you were wearing before you wore your glasses for several months? I don’t think you’re supposed to let them sit in the fluid for that long, but I don’t think that’d be so much the problem. If they aren’t new, I’d just try changing them.

Answer #10

Yep they are new :P, I guess I am just stuck wearing glasses for a while then.

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