Why am i gaining weight and i'm working out?

why am I gaining weight but I workout over an hour a day and eatting heathly?
I went from 130 to 138...why is that?

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now im 129...my body is weird lol

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well tbh, if your exercising everyday, then your going to gain muscle weight, it's a good thing! But you will start to lose fat, just by exercising. don't worry about it!

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weigh yourself before the first meal of the day, every day, for more consistent results. "Water weight", especially that which can be retained during menses, can also contribute to a fluctuating weight. Weight training: A common technique for lean muscle is to set the weight of the exercise to fatigue you at 15-20 repetitions. Cardiovascular: 20-30 minutes a day in the cardio range (HR, height, weight, BMI considered) will keep you lean(er) as well.

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It will balance out soon and you will begin to lose the fat. You want your muscle to get stronger this promotes good bone health and helps in your stamina when you exercise. Keep going, you will see a change downward soon. Make sure you are eating a blanced diet to keep you body a max performance. Eating to small or to much is just as bad. Gotta keep it balanced.

Why am I gaining weight?

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It could be that your still still eating too much. You may be eating healthy foods but you may be eating TOO much healthy food.

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must be muscle
but if your positive its not muscle
then your probably intaking in more calories then the ones you burn in a day

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It's muscle.

You may want to try fixing your diet and exercises you do in your workout plan. Generally, if you're lifting a lot of weights (especially free weights) you'll gain more muscle mass. Look into running, swimming, dancing, etc.

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Muscle weighs 3x more than fat. I dunno. I'm only 85 lb and I have practically no muscle, so...-shrug-

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Do exercices that dont take a lot of miscle to do. Thats when you build muscels.
Running, yoga and pilates loose weight and give slim and long muscles.
I cheerleading you also build a lot of muscle, loose wight and get slim and long muscles by being flexible:D Thats what I do

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if you wanna just lose fat, go on a diet

but 130 sounds fineee

Still having issues gaining weight
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I don't want to gain muscle. How I can I just lose fat?

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your are gaining muscle and even though you gained weight it isnt bad weight it just muscle.

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