Why am i angry at myself?

I don't know why I am so hard on myself. I feel like the world is turning around but I'm stuck in one position. It's like I know I shouldn't be this way..but somehow I still am. I dont know if it's spirituality issues or what, but it's driving me crazy. In the past I guess I struggled with depression and maybe I still have problems,but how do I get passed them? How do I become the person I want to become when my family and sometimes friends keep me from doing what I want to do? I guess I worry too much and I dont know how to relax. Please help...

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kenna 264 I feel exactly the same way am juss totally confuse with everything ...I have all these problems and donw know what causes it ...I am always angry at my self...I don't know how to relax and I worry a lot even about somethings I see on tv...I dont know what to do...I talk to my aunt about but then they dont really understand ...its like am in the world and no one understands me I feel like am all alone...no matter how much I talk about the problem it never gets solve it is always there ...

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dude! come on dont be so hard on yourself. wake up!oky ask you these questions: do your friends hold you back from your goals? or are your friends or family protecting you frm trying to keep you from doin the right thin? ask your self

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your parents are supposed to help you through life the thing is parents dont always see as the kids do. its a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. if your goal benefits others in a GOOD WAY and not looking from a worldly veiw then do it. but heres the common misconception. its call existentialism. dont look at yourself or your goal in an existential veiw. first off identify why you confused mad or upset. do your friends hold you back from your goal? if so find out why. are they protecting you or are they trying to keep you from doin the right thing?

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dude! wake uppp! you have deprission. probably

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I feel self-centered too...and I really dont want to feel like that anymore.

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yeah it sucks really bad and I feel like I can't do anything..not even just the simplest things. LIke I've tried talkin to people about it..but then I feel dumb when I do..and then it just doesn't work.

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