Who would you like to run for President in 2012?

Who would you like to run for President in 2012? We don’t need another 4 years of Obama. This term should be his chance to do things the best he knows how. So, who do you think should get the job in 2012?

Answer #1

…Obama’s not president yet :) So, he hasn’t even had a chance to fail.

From the republican side, I’d like to see a guy like Ron Paul, however, without the alleged racist background.

Answer #2

If Obama does fine in his first term, why wouldn’t he deserve a chance for a second term? I

Answer #3

republicains and democrates both want the same things!!! there shudnt even be diferent partyies if they both are fight for they same thing who cares honestly id rather have mCain becuase hes gunna bring the draft back IF your NOT WILLING TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU HAVE YOU WONT HAVE IT FOR LONG!!! im not even gnna join but if I had to and this world came to it I wud step up and stop being selfish

Answer #4

I dont care if you like him or not. if Obama runs again, I want him to win for sure

Answer #5

What’s wrong with Obama?

Answer #6

Unless Obama completely blows it, he’ll be running again in 2012 on the democratic ticket. I doubt the Republicans learned anything from the past 8 years or from the last two elections. They’ll put up another poorly qualified religious zealot, rather than a serious leader.

Answer #7

Mitt Romney would be a good choice for 2012. Whenever Republicans or Democrats run the Congress and the Presidency it turns into a quagmire. So look for the Democrats to lose some seats in Congress in two years.

Answer #8

“we dont need another 4 years of Obama”

how do you know? he hasnt even had a chance to do anything…

Answer #9

as long as they do there job right we should be happy

Answer #10


I think your Republican prejudices are showing!

I’m a Republican too, but I think Obama may turn out to be a pretty good President. He seems to be doing things quite well in preparation for the transition. If his first four years are good and he manages to solve some of the country’s problems, then I wouldn’t mind seeing him run for a second term.

He is being handed problems created by both Republicans and Democrats over the past 16 years. It will be interesting to see if he can govern more from the middle and get this country back on its feet.

Rather than be prejudiced because of our Republican prejudices, we need to give Obama a chance to prove himself. He just may turn out to be one of our best Presidents.

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