what do you think of Donald trump running for president?

I dont know if he is republican or democrat. im with the democrat party but if he is republican i will vote for him, because is a smart guy and if he leads this country like he does with their companies, i think this country will be better what do you think?

Answer #1

I think it is great, we need someone who knows how to make money, not just spend it.

Answer #2

LOL! I was going ask the same question.: ) I heard that on the news yesterday. I’m not sure of Donald Trump would be a good president or not, but he at least has good business sense and understand how to make money, maybe he’d do a good job. Not sure what his feeling are about environmental issues, human rights etc.,

Answer #3

Donald Trump Considering Running for President 2012 on Fox News 6th October 2010

Answer #4

i think since he’s the type thats good w/money that if he wins the election he would know what to do with it. When i first heard of him doing that i though “Oh great now the world is just taking everything as a joke and doesnt really care for the economy and politics any more” but now that ive heard more, i think we made a change w/a black president why not make another one with a rich and powerful business mogul.

Answer #5

I think Trump has a greater understanding of economic issues than most candidates, but as Patricia Cartwright says, his stance on other issues would have to be articulated before I could decide whether or not I like the idea. If he does run, he should do so as an independent, not as a Republican. He has the means to do so, and I think it would make a greater impact on the election. I look at the historical example of Ross Perot, an independent billionaire who occasionally led both Bush and Clinton in polls in 1992 until dropping out and re-running.

Answer #6

Another thing is most presidents seem to get in office to make a name for themselves, to travel, to golf, or what ever the freak they want to do. I was so tired about hearing what kind of dog Obama was getting, or about there white house garden, who cares, we need a great country again.

Answer #7

Isn’t Donald Trump pro-choice? Seems to me that would disqualify from running as a Republican. His views seem to be all over the map so I don’t think he could run as anything but an independant.

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Answer #9

I want to say “not necessarily” with confidence in this case, but aren’t there such things as pro-choice republicans? Or am I mixing that up with something else…

Answer #10

The only problem is that the only independent president we’ve ever had is George Washington. Our country fell in to a two party system, and to this day, there are less independents in the Federal government than the fingers on one hand.

Answer #11

There are lots of pro-choice Republicans but few pro-choice Republican candidates. It has become a litmus test. The Bush family had long been pro-choice but GH Bush had to change his position to pro-life to be Ronald Reagan’s running mate. I suppose Trump could make a similar change.

I’d certainly prefer Mr. Trump to Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee but this is faint praise indeed.

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