Could she be the first female President-Elect in 2012 ?

If Caroline Kennedy is chosen to fill the Senate seat, could she be the first female President-Elect in 2012 ?

Answer #1

Hmm, I’m not sure if Caroline Kenedy would be fit for the job as president in 2012 who knows. We’ll just have to see who will be fit for the job in 2012.

Answer #2

there are a lot of people that would not support a kennedy in the white house- their family has had nothing but tragedy from their political careers - why take the risk of the family “curse” continueing.

if Sarah Palin is properly groomed to run- and helped to be a much stronger candidate- I would vote for her.

Answer #3

Of the three choices…which one can bring us all together?

Answer #4

Too early to tell, wouldn’t count Hillary out yet either.

Answer #5

You mean to run against Gov. Palin?

Answer #6

And if dubya’s name was not Bush, he would have never been thought of.

Answer #7

I hope not! If her name Caroline Kennedy was not a Kennedy she would not even been a thought!

Answer #8

No she couldn’t. Obama will be the democratic candidate in 2012, barring any tragedy.

Answer #9

Seems the Camelot tale won’t end. If the dems know anything, they will package a female to run for pres. Lets see if she can get to Senator and do any good at it. Kennedys’ seem to have the luck? bad… also, can any of us tolerate Hillary? as pres. She will have to do an outstanding job as sec of state to earn my vote that’s after she respects the right to life. Oh well, we are very tough on women in this country.

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