Who thinks semen actually help prevent acne?

I have done some research about it and im curuous to hear other peoples opinions on it ... Is it possible for semen to help skin, and prevent acne

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lol...wow, never heard that one...but no..people even try to say its good for you because it has "protien" but thats false...I learned that in med school. :P

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semen has around 300 calories per shot so be careful with the amount you swollow

in short... yes its gd for the skin and drinking pineapple juice makes it sweeter, less saltier ;)

have you tried clearasil mate?

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haha wow I should tell that to all my friends that are all like sex burns so many calories haha

haha nice I've heard that and alos bread does that as well

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that would totally be awesomee. I've neverr heard that, I've heard it whitens your teeth thoughh.

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and claw understandable ha but I model and acne is a big issue to me like I dont have a lot but still I dont want any

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ever seen a spot/acne on a porn star ;)

yes I know of this too but I tell ya I wont crack 1 off and rub it on my face lol

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Semen does NOT have 300 calories 'per shot.' The average amount of ejaculate is about 1 teaspoon, and each teaspoon of semen contains about 7 calories. Semen is mostly water and sugar, so how were you expecting 300 calories to be packed into a teaspoon of sugar water? Even if it were a pure solid lump of animal fat, it wouldn't have 300 calories.

For reference, an entire serving of mac and cheese or a serving of breaded shrimp also has 300 calories.

As far as it helping to clear your skin, why on earth would it? Again, it's mostly sugar water, which so far has not been shown to have any magical skin-clearing properties. The fact that it's involved in the somewhat miraculous act of procreation does not grant it any mystic powers in other areas of biology.

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I had to research this awhile ago...

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okay to remove acne but it aint going no where near my mouth

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