Who thinks Nancy Pelosi should be voted out of office?

She voted to stay in Iraq, she’s not been voting with others on the impeachment issue…and yep, we’ve covered the illegal email deletion here before (two years of records, GONE)…so, my question is: shouldn’t Pelosi get recalled from office? Isn’t she betraying the people who voted to put her there by not following through?

:) I’m in California and I totally think she should be gone and voted out, today, if possible.

Answer #1

Yeah, Ms. Pelosi has been a major disappointment. Americans voted Democrats in for change but got none.

Answer #2

Don’t vote her out, just hang her from the nearest lamp-post. What a traitor, the pretend-friend like all Democrats. Their mission is to make it look like we have a two party system while they pillage us.

Answer #3

Agree totally…if heads started rolling stagnation would work itself out

Answer #4

I never cared for Nancy Polosi anyway. She sounds like that she turned conservative and, I always thought that she was a liberal Democrat. I still don’t care for her as it is so, she should be voted out if she’s betraying the people that put her in office.

Answer #5

Hard to disagree with that one - made many promises last election and few, if any, kept.

Answer #6

Pelosi is under the thumb of special interest groups, just like many other members of Congress. While I agree she hasn’t been effective, I doubt her replacement will be either, whether it’s the next Speaker of the House or the next Representative from Cali’s 8th district. And the reason she has been blocking the impeachment proceedings against Bush is because she knows that members of the Congress that allowed him to go to war and violate civil rights, including friends of hers in her own party, might find themselves answering some uncomfortable questions.

Answer #7

I think she has been a disappointment. Trying to hard to appease the knuckledraggers accross the aisle. I would not be sad to see a new speaker. If she had had a backbone, we might have been rid of Bush already. The evidence of Bush crimes is overwhelming.

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