Who to vote for? Should I vote?

hmmm…what should I do? VOTE for Democrat or Republican? Im a republican but Mcain is a dam Liberal … I think I just might not vote for either presidential candidates… they all suck we need new primary’s there are a lot of rep that think the same…

Answer #1

You can’t ask for someone’s opinion in voting. That’s YOUR decision, not anyone else’s. And if you ask people for their opinion, you wouldn’t be voting for what you want in America.

I suggest watching more debates and listening more to hear what the candidates want to do to improve our Country.

Answer #2

You could vote for someone who is neither Republican nor Democrat. The reality is your vote is not going to decide the election. Instead, it acts as a way for politicians to know what generally appeals to people.

If you vote for a Republican or Democrat just because you think they are electable, but otherwise don’t like them, you’ve not only wasted your time, but you also send them the wrong message. A vote for an independent or minor party scares the hell out of the major players and makes them think twice about grand new programs or wars of aggression.

Answer #3

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Answer #4

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Answer #5

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Answer #6

I am quoting myself from another answer but… “I think the way to pick your candidate is to make a list of what you care about, pick the candidate who stands for the most that you care about, and if they don’t disagree with your feelings on any large issues, vote for that one.” but the big thing is to ALWAYS vote. vote in your local elections, all of them, even the tiny ones. vote every time for president. just vote. every time. it is not cool to meet someone who is in their 40’s (and you will be there someday) who has never voted. it always makes me wonder if they are idiots or just too lazy.

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