Who invented metal music?

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wow...ummm a lot of bands helped on the evolution of heavy metal like Jimmi Hendrix,Crean,Led Zeppeling, and other ones but the first band to call them true heavy metal is Black Sabbath...cause heavy metal includes dark lyrics and loud heavy riffs thats why black sabbath is the first

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authorities will disagree with who the very first metal band was- personally I believe black sabbath was the first- but there is steppenwolf- who actually coined the words"heavy metal" in born to be wild, and then there is the debacle which occurred on the music award show some years ago, where jethro tull received the award for best metal band, over metallica- that was quite a crock- but oh well.
I guess my answer would be black sabbath- quite dark for their time, with some cool guitar riffs and bass lines- as well as ozzy and tony's dark lyrics.


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okay I have to say this, your mom is so fat that when her thighs scrap against one another the sound that it made was the first metal music

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thats pretty hard to say actually...sure thers black sabbath but they were influencd by other bands too...and no doubt some of them would have played what would have been considered metal back then

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About your question I can say that in wikipedia you cant get more information about that.There were more bands until 1970s,but the first great bands in metal(I dont know what kind are you about?) were JIMMI HENDRIX and Judas Priest,In these years was not metal(heavy),it was bluess rock,and the first members were Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath,and in 1970s Deep Purple.But heavy metal founders arent these bands. Heavy metal's first members were in 1973-1975, AC/DC and Iron MAIDEN,after than in 1981 METALLICA.

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Don't speak to me like that.

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Um black sabbath and led zepplein

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I have to agree with baldwinwolf on this one

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Heres a link, it has a lot of information about metal music:

How did metal music originate?
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jp20fb you're pathetic. Was a pretty lame attempt of being witty.
Thanks everyone else.

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