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Which metal type do you prefer?
I think I like all the genres,but more I like Heavy Metal.

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im with you on that I like heavy metal but also the other genres too =P

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I like a lot of heavy metal but I also agree with xxhellsxxangellxx there's some good black/death/gothic metal out there too.

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Heavy Metal =)

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Any kind as long as it's in japanese

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I seriously can't stand metal. It's like the guitar is going at full pelt, as is the bass guitar, the drums and whatever else is in there and then on top of all that you have some furry guy screaming too. That's not music, in my opinion, it's just a headache waiting to happen.

Occasionally you get a good metal song, I will admit but in general, I hate the metal genre. I find it even more corporate than RnB. The music industry designs metal bands that it knows susceptible hardcore people will buy into. At least the pop industry is honest about the fact that they're only making music that will sell.

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I love all the metal genre's . heavy, black, some death.
there are bands out there that fall into ohsarahs stereotype, but for the most part metal ( when it is good) beats any other kind of music hands down.
bands like QUEENSRYCHE, WASP, IRON MAIDEN,pre out of the closet JUDAS PRIEST, DOKKEN, KING DIAMOND, AND SLAYER these bands are much more than screaming and playing fast- they have lyrics that make you think, that you can enjoy like a good book or movie.
I will admit that during the height of the "metal years" LA was signing up anyone that looked the part, but the above bands are foundation blocks of todays metal.

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