What type of metal,rock,or any type of music do you guys like?

Well I was just wondering on what type of music does anyone like? it dont matter what kind it is. im well into any type and just wanted to know out of curiousity. =)

Answer #1

metal,rock,punk rock.I can stand every thing but rap and hip hop

Answer #2

as I lay dieing

bleeding through

pig destroyer

the autumn offering


hate breed

Answer #3

Christian rock. Korean pop. I like softer songs. =] For example, Every Time We Touch by Cascada. Or Owl City.

Answer #4

Ummm… different types. EBM, metal, rock, pop, industrial, dance/happy hardcore, classical and reggae mostly… I like others too though. :)

Answer #5

classic rock, Indie, and metal. Currently my favorite band is The Used :]

Answer #6

Cristian rock, heavy metal, classical, and nu-metal.

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