Who likes head banging to rock and heavy metal music?

Please someone who is into metal and rock music in here? I love symphonic metal and bands like Epica, nightwish, dragonforce, stratovarious.. anyone like? :)

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hell YES
my music taste changes depending on my mood, but I'm almost always up for some classic/hard rock or various genres of metal. Nightwish is pretty awesome though I have to admit I prefer Tarja's voice over the voice of the new singer (name is escaping me at the moment...?) Mortal Love is a similar band to them I'd say, pretty good stuff.
Glam metal's my guilty pleasure though...Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P, Motley Crue, etc argh much more but my rant's probably already put you to sleep 0.0 sorry...
I love the music taste of the person above me by the way ^^ random thing to point out but oh well haha

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I love Sonata artica as well :) and I listen pretty much any kind of music but Metal and Rock. specially the old classic rock .. I love it. Led Zepelin, Pink Floyd,ACdC , iRON maiden.. stuff like that :)

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I've been meaning to listen to Stratovarious for a while but haven't yet, other then that I dislike all the bands you mentioned. I prefer other genres. You might want to check out Sonata Arctica though, I think you might like them.

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Not at all, and I don't think they count as the type of bands being discussed here.

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lol yeah :D good taste.. that's the kind of music im passionate about!!! :D

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any body like bring me the horizon?? <3333

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OOOHHH ME!!! I DO ^_^ (nightwishes, bye bye beautiful, awesome song and dragonforces heroes of our time)

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