Anyone else here feel like eating ice cream?

So I know this is a random question. But for me its 10:22 pm and I really feel like eating some cookies and cream ice cream. Anyone else? what kind?

Answer #1

I feel like going to Baskin Robbins right now and ordering this one hershey sundae :)

Answer #2

vanilla and Chocolate Swirl!!! With a waffle cone and chocolate sprinkles!!! from CARVEL!!!

Answer #3

I eat Banana Split Sandwiches every night. So tasty!! Plus I am constantly losing calories cause I am so active. I run everyday like a wild woman!

Answer #4

I’m eating rocky road right now!!! I hate chocolate ice cream, but I was craving this so bad lol.

Answer #5

Naw, I had ice cream a couple nights ago…:)

Answer #6

Its half 7 here but yes I feel like eating icecream :D

Answer #7

Omg me and my friend are eating ice cream right now and it is 10:24 here!!!

Answer #8

omg cookies and cream I want so right now tooo I love that ice cream(:

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