Who else would want to live in Medieval times?

who else would want to live in medieval times instead of today. I would call myself Lucious Varenus and take over half the world. centurians march After I watched the movie 300. I was wasted and put on my medieval helm and got into a drunken fight. I kicked the guy through a window. It was the best thing I have ever done

Answer #1

If you lived in a fertile country which had no wars, you could have had quite a good time in the Middle Ages. Problems with health care would be my biggest concern too. With no antibiotics you could die of the Plague or loads of other things we can now cure easily.

But the really bad conditions people are describing above were not everywhere. Medieval peasants in easy-to-farm areas didn’t have to work too hard to grow enough food for themselves and their Lord. They had a load of holidays (I.e. Holy Days - when they took a day off work to go to church for a Saint’s Day and then had a big party afterwards). As long as there wasn’t a war (and of course, there often was), they had a pretty good time and could live to a reasonably old age without many of today’s cares.

I’m still glad to be here now, though.

Answer #2

In those times if you got drunk and attacked someone like that you would end up dead. I don’t think you know how bad it was. Do you think you could make it with no electricity, poor shelter, backbreaking work, sleeping on a flea-ridden bed of straw?

You could always move to a Third World country. There are plenty of places that are reverting to that kind of life.

Answer #3

dont know about midieval time but I copuld see myself living back in the western days . I mean they worked harder but they learned to live off the land . they grew and raised their own food and did not have to buy GAS.LOL

Answer #4

No thank you. Brutal times. A cut or bad scratch and you die of infection. Everyone stinks because no one bathes. 99.99% of people’s lives were crap. Freezing in winter and hot and humid in summer. Ave. life span in the 20’s. Ugh. And no computers!

Answer #5

Yes and no, I am a big fan of that era, I would like to go back in time to there, but I don’t want to live there.

Answer #6

I would love to be in the times wear you can have s ex with any body you want wenever

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