if you could live forever , what would you live for ?

I know it’s a question from twilight lol , but if you could live forever , what would you live for ? I would live for love :)

Answer #1

Friends,family,helping others…the usual.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t want to live forever…sounds boring to me…but I wouldn’t mind adding a few 1000 years to my life.

Answer #3

eternal life is overrated

I wouldnt live forever…

though id love to see the future technologys that could get developed but living a few hundred lonely years for that… hmmm…

Answer #4

god. duh.

Answer #5

I have many but my main 4 to live forever is:

-Have Slipknot perform and record a few of my songs that were influenced by them -Visit my girlfriend -Meet my friends from this site + go to college -Take care of my family cause they’re the most important in my life

Answer #6

I’ll would wish to live forever with my soon to be boyfriend again and never have to break up :)

hehe love surfie types yummy

Answer #7

I’d live for adreneline rushes from things like sky diving,bungie jumping,and whatever else I, I guess. I wouldn’t want to live forever, though. If life never ends there’s no reason to live. I could just sit at home and keep telling myself, “oh, I’ll go sky diving tomorrow” and then never do it because I have forever to.

Answer #8

ummm if I could live forever id live to try and make other peoples lives better and help were I can.

Answer #9

Luke Matthews- my best friend.

Answer #10

My family and the things I like to do everyday but mainly my family

Answer #11

My family, friends, etc…

Answer #12

my girl =)

Answer #13

My family

Answer #14

I’d live for my friends and family. :) To be there for them and help them when they need it.

I would also live to save lives’ of animals. Animals are one of the closest things to my heart, and I would do anything to save any animal in need. Even if that’s risking my own life.

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