Which time period would you want to visit?

If you could visit any time period, which one would you choose? And why?

Answer #1

I’d go back to the mid 1800 when women wore those long dresses and corsets I think it’s just cool because of the clothing they had back then but yeah I don’t think I would enjoy being a women back then very much just because they were treated like objects and were not equal to men in any way which kind of sucks

Answer #2

I’d rather go to the future and the past. The reason why I wouldn’t want to visit an early period because way back, women weren’t treated equally and I wouldn’t want to go through that.

Answer #3

Myself, being a science and history buff, would like to go back as far as the beginning of creation. Simply so we could have a better understanding on our lives now. Also, understanding the past helps better prepare us for the future.

Answer #4

I say mediavle times bc I have a thing 4 that lol

Answer #5

I’d say the fifties and early sixties… greaers all the way

Answer #6

I’d so love to go back to the late 60s and 70s time period. I’d be such a good hippie.


Answer #7

stephanie has such a good point. well. I would want to visit the past, paris/london. to see all the beatiful streets and the guys dressed in victorian wear and lace. lol. but I would also want to see the future so that we could see problems and find ways to fix it,

Answer #8


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