Whats the funnest thing that you can think of to do for an ice cream sundae?

I’m making a menu and i don’ have any unique or cool dessert ideas. I know i want to do ice cream but if anybody has any other ideas then feel free to tell me.

Answer #1

the randomest good tasting stuff in ur house

Answer #2

the randomest good tasting stuff in ur house

Answer #3

Nuts…fruit…jello and gummie stuff…chocolate, different sauces…ERM..those cherry thingies?

Answer #4

Try tortilla chips…I think there are some Mexican restaurants that make sundaes like that.

Answer #5

Brownies! It might sound good, but it tastes even better. :D

Answer #6

make a brownie bowl with ice cream in it and carmel on top…or fudge…or what ever u prefer. with a cherry! :)

Answer #7

well you take the ice cream, add whatever typical toppings for it like caramel fudge whipped topping nuts cherries marshmallow strawberries candy, whatever, and then, wait for it . . . grab a wooden spoon, throw and huge glob of peanut butter in there and mix it all in!!! i should try that lol

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